Monday, March 31, 2008

The Red Tent by Anita Diamont

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This is a good book. A really good book. On a side note, did you notice that I read a book about heathens and a biblical book within weeks of each other? Very telling.

Anyway, as someone once described this book, it is a story about periods. And I don't mean eras. We're talking real periods, as in Aunt Flo, aka menstruation. Sounds weird, I know. In fact, after I read it, I realized that someone actually wrote a whole book about periods. How weird is that? I'm not sure how the publisher bought into it, but it was a good decision nonetheless.

The story is told through the eyes of Dinah, the only daughter of Jacob and Leah. Apparantly she's only a blip in the bible. Not that I would know. Anyway, it's an amazing story about the relationships between women and the bonding that was created within the walls (or flaps) of the red tent. The red tent symbolized the blood that flowed from their bodies and the women would gather together for about three days each month during this time.

Since Jacob had four wives, Dinah considered her "aunties" as she called them, "mothers" as well. Each one of them had their own unique traits, roles, and stories to share with Dinah. They entrusted her with their secrets early on since she iwas the only living daughter of Jacob's. Dinah tells their stories over the years, and the story culminates in her own old age.

There is love, pain, murder, betrayal, death, abuse, separation and so much more in this story. It's really not just about periods, but a celebration of womanhood. It will also make you thankful that you live in modern times.

Fascinating story. I could not put it down.

I give this one 5 thongs!


Deb said...

Ok, I would not normally want to read a book about "the monthly bill" but you have sold me on this one...i'm going to check it out! I had never heard of Dinah, i mean i have heard of her name, but never really knew who she was...and gotta tell you love the thongs! Keep em comin girl!

Anonymous said...

I agree. This book is very interesting. I would suggest reading the story in the Old Testament of the Bible first and then reading the book. It will give you a better idea of what is going on. Cheers!